Meet Don

Don Goldstein has not only survived 2 heart attacks, 3 strokes, AML Leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, and pneumonia 12 times, but he and his wife Jackie have also built multi-million dollar companies from scratch. On this site you will learn not only how he was healed instantly, but also what they have learned to build wealth. Don will teach you exactly what to do to get healed, and also exactly what to do to make a lot more money. Whether you want to earn a few hundred extra dollars a week part-time with no investment, or build a six-figure income over time, the ‚ÄúStart Your Own Business” series is for you. Don did not go to college, but by the age of 28 he was making $12,000 a week. He and Jackie have learned what to do to lose both their car and home, and also what to do to build successful, long-term million-dollar businesses. His teachings are simple, and easy to understand. He is now 62, retired from business, and is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi in Brandon, Florida. Don is also the author of a best selling book which you can read for free here.

Meet Dani

Dani has vast experience history in the multi media and TV industry (CNN LATINO, MiraTV, MiTV Network and MegaTV) with over 14 years of graphic design, professional photography, videography and producer for spanish TV shows.